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Blended TEFL / TESOL Course

Blended Online TEFL / TESOL Course

A blended course combines online theory training with classroom-based practical training.

This course is a good option for those who are unable to commit to the full 120-hour classroom based course. You will first complete the 100-hour online theory course, before proceding to practical training which is conducted in live classrooms here at TKW in Observatory.

It is also possible to combine practical training with volunteering to gain further, recognised experience.

Blended TEFL / TESOL Process

  1. Speak to us*, so that we can confirm eligibility, advise of available dates for the practcal training, and answer any questions
  2. Complete and send us your registration form
  3. Enroll in the online, 100 hour TEFL programme. We can assist if you do not have a credit card
  4. Attend TKW for an agreed 5 days, either mornings (8:30-13:00) for the 20-hour practical, or full days (8:30-17:00) if doing the 50-hour practical
  5. Submit teaching journal - your portfolio of evidence
  6. Receive your certificate and letter of reference

*It is important to speak to us before signing up for the online portion of the course. Acceptance onto the blended TEFL course is conditional on having verified your eligibility and the availability of practical training dates with TKW. As a guide, to be eligible for the course, candidates should have mother-tongue ability in the language and have passed matric or equivalent.

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