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Our 100 hour, online TEFL / TESOL course can be useful for bolstering your CV, and if combined with some practical training or experience, it will qualify you for work in the industry.

We currently run our Online TEFL course in conjunction with Online Courses Group. Below are a list of frequently asked questions to help you decide if the course is right for you.

Online TEFL Course FAQs

Is the online course equivalent to the 120 hour classroom-based course?

No. The online course is only a 100 hour qualification. Furthermore, online qualifications are not as highly regarded by employers as classroom-based courses, although they do demonstrate that you have an awareness of the techniques and a basic understanding of the industry.

Is it possible to upgrade the online course to a 120 hour qualification?

Yes, once you have completed the online course, you can opt to do the additional 20 hour, practical training module. You will receive an additional certificate and reference letter detailing your practical experience, which will increase your employability.

Will this course qualify me to get a job?

Yes, in some circumstances it is possible to get a job with only an online qualification, although your chances will be greatly improved if you opt to do the  practical training module or if you have prior experience.

Will this course teach me real skills?

Yes, it will give you an insight into the methodology used and provide you with lesson planning and classroom management skills. However, as with most online courses, it lacks a practical element and engagement with real students, which is a valuable part of gaining confidence. For this reason, we recommend doing the additional 20-hour practical training module.

Should I do an online or classroom-based TEFL/TESOL course?

First choice would be a classroom-based course. This will stand you in good stead for a lucrative and long-lasting career as a teacher. However, there are many situations when an online course can be useful - especially if, due to time or geographical constraints, you are unable to attend the classroom-based course.

Who should do an online TEFL/TESOL course?

If you are looking to gain skills, without committing to the cost and time constraints imposed by a classroom-based course, an online course can be useful. Also, for teachers who are working in the industry with no formal TEFL/TESOL qualification, a recognised online qualification will enhance your CV, especially when combined with real-life teaching experience.

What are the costs of the online TEFL/TESOL course?

Online course (100 hour) - US$ 295*

Practical Training Module (20 hour) - ZAR 2500

*Since the online portion of the course is marketed worldwide, the cost for this part of the course is stated in US$.


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