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    volunteer opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer and Internship Experiences

Are you looking to make a positive difference, while gaining valuable experience and having a rewarding adventure?

We have developed the Learner Assist Programme (LAP), providing teaching experience to teachers and interns, whilst benefitting local students. Positively a win-win scenario!

We also source placements where you can gain experience working with local environmental issues, urban gardening and permaculture.

Work with non-profit organisiations

We are actively promoting the value that the Communicative Approach and the TEFL/TESOL skill set can bring to community development. One such project is the Early Childhood Development (ECD), teacher training project that we are ran at Mfuleni ECD Centre, funded by SASDI (Southern Africa Sustainability Development Initiative). The training was a real success, providing the ECD teachers with new skills and confidence, while demonstrating that the communicative approach can, and should, be a feature in all classrooms.

Opportunites are constantly changing. Send us a message through the enquiry form to get started.

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