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The Knowledge Workshop (TKW) Language and Skills Centre

"Education with a conscience!"

Currently based at Rosebank Progress college in the university suburb of Rosebank, Cape Town, TKW offers a conveniently located and well appointed learning environment.

For visiting English language learners, we provide an alternative to the internationally-owned, chain language schools. The highest standards, dynamic lessons (less text book usage) and focused, personal attention set us apart. The fact that we're locally owned and owner-managed, gives you assurance of high standards and accountability.

For local learners, we offer tutoring, teacher training and language improvement courses. Personal attention, targeted assistance and supportive, passionate teachers set us apart. The referrals and positive reviews we receive bear testimony to our ongoing adherence to high standards and high level of learner satisfaction.

For everyone we can arrange outdoor activities, voluteering, internships, tours and safaris. We're partnered with approved local providers to ensure peace of mind at the best possible price.

If travelling from outside of Cape Town to study at TKW, we provide local advice and arrange accommodation.

What sets us apart from a traditional language school?

  1. Consistently High Standards - We provide the highest standards at reasonable rates. Small class sizes with ongoing monitoring and feedback.
  2. Integration – We facilitate cross-cultural exchange by offering programmes to both the local and international communities, under one roof. Some courses are open to both local and international learners, promoting inter-cultural exchange while providing a rewarding learning experience.
  3. Value - No registration fees are charged on top of course fees. No commission fees are charged on accommodation – the rental fee goes directly to the host or landlord. A small once-off and finding fee may be applicable.
  4. Learner Satisfaction - Our qualified teachers and staff are selected for their student-centered attitude, dynamism and expert ability.
  5. Ongoing Support and Friendship - Many of our past students stay in touch and refer friends and family. Join us and become part of our growing family – the #TKWFam – on social networks.

The bottom line: Talk to us! Send us a message with your contact details and we'll be happy to call you back for a chat. TKW is a dynamic centre, so we're always looking for new ideas and collaborations. Write and speak, and we will read and listen! - Team TKW

"Thinking globally. Acting locally!"

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