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Welcome to The Knowledge Workshop (TKW), a privately owned teacher-training centre dedicated to expanding minds and changing lives. We’ve been training teachers for over a decade with our highly acclaimed and internationally recognised TEFL/TESOL courses and have broadened our service to include teacher support and placement after graduation with many exciting opportunities that await the eligible candidate. For South Africans in need of language training, we offer life changing Language Improvement programmes tailored to your needs. We provide professional, personal training on-site to groups or individuals. If you’re a foreign student in need of language training, we can help you find a language school that is right for you. Our services will cost you nothing, as we receive a referral fee from the school that we put you in touch with. At TKW we guarantee personal attention and support so that you get the most out of your time with us. Join the #TKWFam!

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Marian James
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+27 82 503 8556
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Monday - Friday, 9am - 3pm
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Hello Marian and team, I would like to say once again thank you for this amazing time which I had with you. TKW is an incredible school which is 100% recommendable. I'm very glad that I was in your school. All of the teachers gave excellent lessons. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun at the same time :)!! I met a lot of friends through your school... a big thank you to Laura, Paul and of course...

Andreas Signer - Thank you TKW!!!

I studied for 3 weeks at The Knowledge Workshop. The classes were small which meant I could practice my English very well. I learned a lot of new words and gained a better understanding of the grammar. Actually, it is the best English school I have ever been to!

Linda Blum - EFL student - General English

The Knowledge Workshop y fue la mejor forma de terminar mi viaje en Sudáfrica, pude perfeccionar mi ingles y tuve la oportunidad de tener diferentes profesores y estudiar con personas de diversas partes del mundo lo que me permitio entender y distinguir los diferentes acentos asi como conocer y compartir nuestras culturas. Tengo muy lindos recuerdos de las personas que conoci y mis mejores des...

Daniela Gómez Álava - General English student from Colombia

I saw new members of TKW family on YouTube shouting and laughing like it used to be. Then I got a feeling and a question. A feeling which shows something is missing. I was like what can it be as I have my family around me. Then I realised that it is my other family (TKW of course, with Trenchy in front) that is missing. Please say hi to Paul and the whole TKW family from my part and tell them tha...

Alfattah Ali Annadif - Missing TKW!

A combination of a wonderful learning environment, helpful course material, an inspiring teacher and a mix of brilliant, dynamic fellow TEFL students encompasses only a few aspects that would contribute to my recommendation of this course at The Knowledge Workshop. To anyone interested, you are guaranteed to have an enriching experience! Not only did this course open my eyes to the complexity and ...

Zoe McClarty - TEFL graduate

Yesterday I got the marks. I can say that I got an achievement. I'm very happy and proud of that I studied English in SA. I'll keep going up! I really thank The Knowledge Workshop for everything that you've done. Now I'm looking for a job which my English or Spanish can be used. Take care yourself & see you again. Regards, Shouki Shiozawa.

Shouki-Shiozawa - General English / TOEIC student (Japan)

My experience at The Knowledge Workshop has been a truly life changing one. I did the TEFL course and it opened my mind up to the possibilities of not only teaching English as a profession but to travel and earn some money before I decide what I'd like to do with my degree. I made new friends and as a naturally shy person, the activities encouraged me to be confident and conduct a class environme...

Tashneem Alexander - TEFL graduate

It takes a lot of skill to turn a shy, quiet and placid individual into a fully functioning teaching machine capable of standing confidently in front of 51 students on a daily basis. That said, Marian and Paul, you guys managed to do it and you did it with style. In all my years of school and studying, I have never felt a connection and comfort level such as the atmosphere you set at your school. ...

Damian James Putter - (EFL teacher – Thailand)

Dear Marian and Paul, I just wanted to say hello from Brazil! I’m good - but kind of missing Cape Town! I really had the best time of my life. I enjoyed South Africa so much. It’s not something that you can describe, it’s just something that you feel. In Brazilian we say “saudade”, it's when you miss something in a such strong way. Everything was perfect. The people are amazing and every...

Joana Behnke - General English student (Brazil)
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